European Mid-Cap Equity

    Long-term investment in European companies through a concentrated portfolio, diversified by industry, sources of income and macroeconomic factors.

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Compañías tamaño medio

Mid Cap Companies

We invest in a broad universe of European companies with limited analyst coverage and hidden value

largo plazo

Long Term

We add value through fundamental analysis and investment for the long term in European companies

cartera concentrada

Concentrated Portfolio

Diversified by industry, income sources and macroeconomic factors


We provide value to investors through long-term investment in European companies, forming a concentrated portfolio and diversified by industry, sources of income and macroeconomic factors.

Through fundamental analysis, we invest in undervalued companies with strong business models.

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Fecha precio cierre Data as of 15/02/2024

NOTE: The performance until 14/06/2018 corresponds to Inversión 75 Columbus SICAV. From 15/06/2018, the performance corresponds to the Pareturn GVC Gaesco Columbus European Mid-Cap Equity fund. Start date: 30/6/2008

Investment approach



We find investment ideas through regular company contact and our extensive network of professional contacts



Focus on strong and defensible business models with above average growth potential

análisis fundamental

Fundamental analysis

Detailed research to understand the path to growth and value creation



Structured and consistent approach to portfolio construction and divestment


Report January 2024

Columbus class I is down 0.36% in January 2024 and up 12.88% in the last three months. The year started mildly down but has gradually recovered since then with a little more volatility than we expect in the long-term. Performance for the last…

Report December 2023

Columbus class I is up 4.5% in December, 9.0% in 2023 and 37.4% in the last 5 years. This was a good end of the year for European midcaps (MSCI Mid Europe: +8% in Q4), and in general for equity markets (Stoxx 600: +6% in Q4), but on the big…

Report November 2023

We are delighted to announce that Bosco Ojeda has joined Columbus. Bosco brings a wealth of experience having worked for over 25 years at UBS, where he held the position of Head of European Small and Midcap Research. Pareturn Columbus class…


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