Bosco Ojeda, new partner at Columbus

Bosco Ojeda has joined Columbus Investment Partners as a partner.

“I am happy to share that after 25 years in UBS I am starting a new position as investment parter at Columbus, a European Midcap Equity Fund (hosted at GVC Gaesco). Together with my partners, we will manage a fund dedicated to explore opportunities in the small & midcap space.

For many years I have enjoyed working as an equity analyst and team head in small & midcaps in large institutions, now I will continue to be involved in the space but now as an investor.

Smallcaps is a fascinating world, and now more than ever there are great investment opportunities. I truly enjoy analyzing investment ideas, meeting management teams and investors.

I am really grateful to UBS, my colleagues, clients and friends for a long career where I was joined by great professionals in different locations and teams around the world. It has been an amazing experience, during those years I think I have a world record as a covering analyst in more that 30 IPOs, and was able to analyze hundreds of companies in very different fields. I was particularly pleased with the research we provided in areas like smallcaps, ‘family-owned’ companies and infrastructure. And I am pleased to look back and see that we tried hard to work with integrity, care and respect for others and the role we play in society”.